Presented by Audrey Bullar, Master Bookseller, Joseph Beth Booksellers

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Audrey Bullar will be sharing a variety of books with us that are sure to grab our attention. For so many of us, books have served as a comforting tether throughout the Covid pandemic. We’ll hear about the adjustments and creative ideas the bookstore adopted during this challenging time.

EVENT TO BE HELD AT Maketewah Country Club 5401 Reading Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45237

Chairperson of the Day:  Cindy Browne

Flower Chair:  Irene Hofmann

Hostess:  Paula Spitzmiller

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Exploring the Western Wildlife Corridor

Presented by Matt Taylor

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The Western Wildlife Corridor’s (WWC) mission is to protect the scenic beauty and natural resources of the Ohio River Valley through direct land protection and promotion of responsible land use. Since 1992, the WWC has worked to preserve and restore the greenway corridor of wooded hillsides along the Ohio River, from the Millcreek near downtown Cincinnati to the Great Miami River bordering Indiana. Learn how this initiative is enhancing the quality of life for people in these communities.

Mrs. Nancy Cavanaugh...

Chairman of the Day

Ms. Deborah Jane Campbell.....

Flower Chairman

Our Foremothers: Women in Early Cincinnati History

Presented by Christopher Miller

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Cincinnati’s National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a museum of conscience, an education center, a convenor of dialogue, and a beacon of light for inclusive freedom throughout the globe. It reveals stories of freedom’s heroes – and “she-roes” – from the past to contemporary times. This program focuses on Cincinnati women who played an important part in our local history.

Ms. Rosalyn Fuller......

Chairman of the Day

Ms. Nancy Bolam-Jenkins...

Flower Chairman

Dr. Rajni Harsh...

Hospitality Chairman

Cincinnati Cooks! Nourishing Self-Sufficiency

Presented by Tony Lavatori

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As the Tri-State area’s largest provider of emergency food for people in crisis, the Freestore Foodbank is well regarded for helping to stave off hunger in our community. But did you know that the Freestore also provides free culinary training for unemployed and underemployed local residents – putting them on a path to self-sufficiency? This presentation shares the story of Cincinnati COOKS!, a 10-week commercial cooking school program that prepares graduates with the skills and self-confidence to succeed in culinary jobs in Greater Cincinnati. Since the program began, graduates have landed employment in more than 200 local culinary institutions, uplifting and transforming their lives.

Ms. Janet Walsh....

Chairman of the Day

Mrs. Diane Kasarda...

Flower Chairman

Childhood Food Solutions

Presented by Tony Fairhead, Executive Director, and Lisa Hyde-Hill, Board Chair

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It’s been estimated that about half of families living in poverty in Cincinnati don’t have access to sufficient food, especially during periods when children are not in school and don’t receive free or reduced-price meals. Yet, the problem largely remains silent behind closed doors, because parents don’t want to admit they lack adequate resources for such basic needs. Childhood Food Solutions was created to help fill the gap through programs designed to provide food to children in areas of poverty, high-crime and food insecurity in our community. The presenters will describe the results of these efforts and how others can assist.

Mrs. Nancy Lu Walters .....Chairman of the Day
Ms. Paula Steiner .......Flower Chairman
Mrs. Carolyn Ludwig ....Hospitality Chairman

Cincinnati Architecture: 1800-1860

Presented by Carolyn Honkomp, Museum Center Heritage Programs

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 In the 19th Century, Cincinnati was a dynamic boom town, one of the top ten most populous cities in the United States. Part of that history lives on in buildings that exist today. This program presents a virtual tour of significant structures in the basin and outskirts of Cincinnati, highlighting their architectural styles. The presentation will describe the effects of commerce, European immigration, and cultural influences on the design and utility of structures that created the foundation of our city.

Mrs. Mary Russell....

Chairman of the Day

Mrs. Cheryl Sieve....

Flower Chairman

The Sweet Rewards of Organized Space

Presented by Tina Kehl and Susan Ludwig

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An organized, clean space provides a great sense of internal pride and a sense of control that is gratifying. Most of us have that space or room we just aren’t happy with, and we can’t wrap our minds around how to approach it… so we just keep the door shut. If you are finally fed up and want to fix it, where do you start?  Just in time for spring cleaning, this presentation will include ideas for downsizing and minimizing your estate while helping you to determine which of the many philosophies and systems available is right for you.


Mrs. Carolyn Laemmle………………….Chairman of the Day

Tour of the Universe: You Are Here

Presented by Dean Regas

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Rocket through space and sail among billions of stars and galaxies. Utilizing some amazing simulation software, astronomer and co-host of PBS’ Star Gazers, Dean Regas, will guide you through the mind-boggling scale of the universe. Along the way you’ll stop at the Moon and individual planets. Then you’ll make the jump to light speed and head to interstellar space and see all the galaxies in the universe. Don’t worry, he’ll have you back home in time for dinner.  After the talk Dean will sign and sell his books “Facts From Space” and “100 Things to See in the Night Sky.”


Ms. Cindy Browne ………………………Chairman of the Day

Harriet Beecher Stowe: Freedom Seeker of Cincinnati

Presented by Christine Hartlieb, Executive Director

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This interactive presentation focuses on the life events and experiences that Harriet Beecher Stowe faced during the 18 years she lived in Cincinnati and how these experiences enabled her to write an impactful anti-slavery novel.  Stowe House Executive Director Christine Hartlieb also will discuss the history of the house after the Beechers left and its ties to African American experiences in the 20th century.


Mrs. Nancy Cavanaugh…………………………………………Chairman of the Day

Beginning Again: Ohio Justice and Policy Center

Presented by Tyra Patterson

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Hear the compelling story of an 11-year-old child who was unjustly incarcerated for 23 years and rebounded to become a contributing member of society during this College Club program featuring the subject of the story herself: Tyra Patterson.  Having earned her GED and studied to become a paralegal, Tyra was exonerated in January, 2017, and reoriented herself into our community.  Upon meeting Tyra, you will be amazed at the resiliency of the human spirit as displayed by this delightful and energetic young woman.


Dr. Janet McDaniel…………………………………………………Chairman of the Day

Contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen to World War II

A squadron in the US Army Air Corps

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The Tuskegee Airmen were an all-black squadron who served as the first military aviators in the US army Air Corps (AAC), a precursor of the US Air Force. Trained at the Tuskegee Army Field in Alabama, they flew more than 15,000 individual sorties in Europe and North Africa during WWII.  Their impressive performance earned them more than 150 Distinguished Flying Crosses and helped encourage the eventual integration of the US Armed Forces.


Mrs. Carol Kortecamp…………………………………………………Chairman of the Day

Taking a School Garden to New Heights: How a Rooftop Garden Helped Transform an Urban Elementary School

Presented by Bryna Bass, MEd

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From the ground level, Rothenberg Preparatory Academy in Over-the-Rhine seems surrounded by a dense forest of brick and concrete surfaces. Yet, a bird’s eye view reveals that ornamental flowers, fruits and vegetables flourish on the roof of this historic elementary school building, serving as a source of beauty and learning for students. The program will discuss the inspiration, design, and creation of the garden and its curricular connections, with participants discovering how the garden both enriches academic programming and enhances the unique urban community of Over-The-Rhine.


Ms. Mary Ronan……………………………..……………Chairman of the Day

Imago – Enright Ridge Urban Village

Presented by Mr. Jim Schenk

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Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage is a community of people fostering a sustainable urban neighborhood that promotes social and economic well-being while contributing to the preservation of our planet.  You can find friendly neighbors who have regular pot-luck dinners, raise goats and chickens, participate in a food co-op and neighborhood greenhouse.  There are only a few such communities in the country and it is 5 minutes from downtown Cincinnati!                                            


  Nancy Cavanaugh          Chairman of the Day  

(Postponed) All Aboard the Orphan Train!

Presented by Cindy Lawyer

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 Cindy Lawyer is a retired history elementary teacher from Zanesville, Ohio, who will spark your interest about an historical event she stumbled upon while reading the picture book, Train to Somewhere by Eve Bunting.  Enjoy a Power Point presentation with historical pictures, while learning about the mass migration of over 200,000 children who were moved from major cities to new families in the West. You will hear information about one of the largest social experiments from our country’s history, not found in school textbooks.   Glenna Baumbaugh          Chairman of the Day

Enjoying Life Long Learning through OLLI


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The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, known as OLLI, at the University of Cincinnati, is a popular educational program that adds much spice to life. It is geared to mature adults (age 50+) and its classes are held at several convenient locations around  Greater Cincinnati, all with free parking. The quarterly catalog for OLLI spells out the course offerings, from 8-week seminars to one-time lectures.  Topics numbering in the 100s, year-to-year, vary widely; from traditional subjects (art, literature, music, or philosophy) to the practical (how to use your I-pad, decluttering or elder law). Best of all, OLLI brings interesting people together in a stress-free environment, at an affordable cost - with no tests, no grades, and in almost all cases, no homework.      


    Cynthia Browne           Chairman of the Day               


Caroline Williams’ “Spot in Cincinnati”

Presented by Carolyn Honkamp

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Caroline Williams shared her wonderful talent and love of Cincinnati for nearly five decades.  “A Spot in Cincinnati” was a much-anticipated regular feature in the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Her sketches of landmarks and locations throughout Cincinnati will be shared and discussed.

      Carole Rauf       Chairman of the Day

Discovering the Joseph House of Cincinnati

Presented by Alicia Harter

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The mission of Joseph House, Inc. is to meet the needs of the homeless veterans suffering from addiction within our community and provide them the support they need to maintain a life-long commitment to recovery and to thrive in the community. One of the goals for this year is to participate in philanthropic endeavors.  The first of these will be a project benefitting the residents of the Joseph House.  All members are invited to participate.  We will be collecting small toiletries, socks, treats, etc.   The members of College Club will gather to package gift bags of socks and toiletries to present to the clients of Joseph House during the anticipated holiday season.  Members are asked to meet at 10:30 a.m.  to complete and assemble the bags for residents of the Joseph House.  These will be given to the speaker, Ms. Alicia Harter from Joseph House, for distribution.     


 Janet McDaniel                             Chairman of the Day

One Way Farm


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The mission of One Way Farm, which was organized in 1976, is to provide a warm, secure and loving environment to children, ages 6 – 18, who have been abused, neglected, and abandoned. Safe and independent housing is provided for these residents as well as medical treatment and educational services.    Twenty boys and twenty girls are housed in two separate shelters.   They are supported as they strive to build an independent and productive life.    Purpose:  To stop the cycle of child abuse and provide a loving environment for children to grow in mind, spirit and body. To develop an educational system to further the potential of all children without regard to race, color or national origin. 


Ann Hanson                                             Chairman of the Day 

Queen City Chamber Opera

Directed by Dr. Isaac Selya

Nancy Cavanaugh 0 4550 Article rating: 5.0

Queen City Chamber Opera was founded by Dr. Isaac Selya in 2012 to advance the careers of emerging opera artists by giving them valuable professional engagements in fully staged productions with a full orchestra.  QCCO performers have been able to continue their careers with many famous opera companies around the country.  You will be happily entertained by Isaac and several of his performers.

Menu:  Soup, salad, and casserole.

Mrs. Cora Hillman                                                                  Chairman of the Day

Collectively Speaking

Presented by Mrs. Kaye Browning

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Mrs. Kaye Browning is the curator and owner of the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center in Maysville, Kentucky.  It is one of the most extensive assemblages of one-twelfth-scale miniatures in the world.  Kaye will share her philosophy of collecting and also present special pieces from the gallery.

Menu:  Tortellini (veggie and cheese), bread and herbed butter, strawberry shortcake.

Ann Hanson                              Chairman of the Day 

«May 2021»
5/15/2021 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Audrey Bullar will be sharing a variety of books with us that are sure to grab our attention. For so many of us, books have served as a comforting tether throughout the Covid pandemic. We’ll hear about the adjustments and creative ideas the bookstore adopted during this challenging time.

EVENT TO BE HELD AT Maketewah Country Club 5401 Reading Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45237

Chairperson of the Day:  Cindy Browne

Flower Chair:  Irene Hofmann

Hostess:  Paula Spitzmiller

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