Programs 2018-2019

Cincinnati Architecture: 1800-1860

Presented by Carolyn Honkomp, Museum Center Heritage Programs

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 In the 19th Century, Cincinnati was a dynamic boom town, one of the top ten most populous cities in the United States. Part of that history lives on in buildings that exist today. This program presents a virtual tour of significant structures in the basin and outskirts of Cincinnati, highlighting their architectural styles. The presentation will describe the effects of commerce, European immigration, and cultural influences on the design and utility of structures that created the foundation of our city.

Mrs. Mary Russell....

Chairman of the Day

Mrs. Cheryl Sieve....

Flower Chairman

Our Foremothers: Women in Early Cincinnati History

Presented by Christopher Miller

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Cincinnati’s National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a museum of conscience, an education center, a convenor of dialogue, and a beacon of light for inclusive freedom throughout the globe. It reveals stories of freedom’s heroes – and “she-roes” – from the past to contemporary times. This program focuses on Cincinnati women who played an important part in our local history.

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Chairman of the Day

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Presented by Sue Monteith

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Look back at 200 years of the Taft residence! You’ll get swept up by just how much we have learned about this house, and how the people that lived there made it a home.  Sue, who is a docent there, will share a number of the most interesting stories as well as update us on the recent renovations of one of Cincinnati’s most beloved museums.

May 20, 2023

Board meeting – 11 am

Luncheon in the Lecture Room at noon.

Chef's salad, crackers/rolls and butter, carrot cake

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Presented by Paula Brehm Heeger

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May 18, 2024

Cincinnati and Hamilton County have a rich 170-year history of excellence in providing essential library services to their communities. With 41 public locations and one-million square feet of public space, the system continues to adapt and change to support the ever-growing information needs of its users. This presentation will focus on the ten-year Facility Master Plan designed to bring continuous improvements to the libraries throughout Hamilton County.

Board Meeting at 11:00 am.

Luncheon in the Lecture Room at 12:00 pm.

Brunch buffet: Spinach and cheese quiche, Ham and gruyere quiche,

Green salad, fruit salad, breakfast potatoes,

Peach crisp.

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Our Organization

The College Club of Cincinnati (CCC) is a group of college-educated women whose mission is 

"to promote a continuing interest and participation in philanthropy, the arts, education, social welfare, and civic improvement."

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