Our Organization

Our Organization

The College Club of Cincinnati (CCC) is a group of college-educated women whose mission is 

"to promote a continuing interest and participation in philanthropy, the arts, education, social welfare, and civic improvement."

Meeting Location

College Club of Cincinnati
330 Lafayette Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220


Exploring the Western Wildlife Corridor

Presented by Matt Taylor

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The Western Wildlife Corridor’s (WWC) mission is to protect the scenic beauty and natural resources of the Ohio River Valley through direct land protection and promotion of responsible land use. Since 1992, the WWC has worked to preserve and restore the greenway corridor of wooded hillsides along the Ohio River, from the Millcreek near downtown Cincinnati to the Great Miami River bordering Indiana. Learn how this initiative is enhancing the quality of life for people in these communities.

Mrs. Nancy Cavanaugh...

Chairman of the Day

Ms. Deborah Jane Campbell.....

Flower Chairman



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Did you know that we will be closing this year on International Migratory Bird Day?  Before we fly away to various locations and summer adventures, include College Club in your plans. Since May is the peak of the birding season in Cincinnati, birds will be the stars of the program. With over 30 years of experience dedicated to providing high quality bird feeding supplies, Mr. Gilmore, owner of Wild Birds, Unlimited, will discuss how to attract a variety of color and song to our yards.  Backyard birding is a relaxing, exciting and educational hobby.

Chairman of the Day          Carolyn Clodfelter

Armchair Adventures in Outdoor Photography

Presented by Brian Jorg

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Brian Jorg, nature photographer, public speaker, and Cincinnati Zoo horticulturalist, travels the world to capture the beauty of nature in photographic images.  The ‘one-of-a-kind’ presentation will focus on some of the ‘adventures’ he has encountered over the years researching photographing, and observing nature in the great outdoors. This sometimes humorous look back includes close encounters, from grizzles and black bear to rattlesnakes and tarantulas, as well as reflecting on some of the most magnificent landscapes, from Alaska to East Africa and the Amazon to Nova Scotia.


Mrs. Ruth Hubbard-Barnes………….….………..………………………...……..….Chairman of the Day

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